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We welcome new patients to join our community. Come and see what makes our family doctors different.

Here at the Symonds Street Medical Centre we understand what our patients are looking for in a medical practice.

We see you as a whole person with a mind and body together and we treat every aspect of your health & wellbeing through our provision of combined services.

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why us?

our people

Our Auckland Doctors have been helping people to get well and stay well for over ten years. Our family is made up of caring professionals from many nationalities with one thing in common – a genuine desire to make the lives of our community better in any way we can. We will never turn someone away and we always do our best to make sure we get you well faster, and help you maintain a state of better health.

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our philosophies

We believe that prevention is much better than cure. We like to see you regularly to put you on (and keep you on!) a path to wellness that is achievable with your lifestyle. If you do get sick, we’ll consider lots of options to help you get better, working in conjunction with non-traditional health specialists when necessary to give you the best results for your wellbeing. Dr Andrew travels regularly around the world to get the latest advances in medicine and wellbeing strategies to ensure that if there is a better path to great health, we can find it for you.

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thriving, not surviving!

Good health should be an ongoing journey, not an end point. Once we have worked out your health goals with you, we will coach you to reach them – be they weight loss, better stress management or heart health. Contact one of our Auckland Doctors today to find out how you can enjoy a healthier life with our health plans.

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tech for better health

There are so many great tools around us to help track and improve our health, and at SSMC we want to make things easy for you to achieve your health goals. Our modern clinic has a care concierge to greet you and help you during your visit. Our online portal helps you manage your visits, treatments and results, and we use integrated technologies to help you manage your health effectively at home using Apps and trackers that keep you motivated and achieve success. You can even book a virtual consultation for some appointments so you can access our support from wherever you are. We call it Care 2.0!

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frequently asked questions

Is my medical consultation covered under my medical insurance?

This will depend on the kind of medical insurance cover you have and the type of appointment you need. We do have affiliations with Southern Cross and Unicare. 

You can also speak to our Clinic Manager who can help you to understand what may or may not be covered.

Do you issue travel vaccines?

Yes. Please bring information as to where you are travelling and your past vaccination records prior to booking your appointment so that we can get the right vaccine ready for you.

Do you do skin checks and minor surgery?

Yes, a consultation is needed prior to any procedure being scheduled.  Please request this with reception when making your appointment.

What other specialist services do you offer?

We have a number of other services available at our centre including blood collection. Please talk to us as we will be able to recommend a specialist or refer you to one of our partners if we are not able to attend to your needs directly at the clinic.

Some of our other specialist services include:

24hr BP monitoring

Liquid Nitrogen

Spirometry and ECG

For more details visit our Services page.

Can I change my doctor?

You may request another doctor in your next consultation.  Please let us know if you have a preference regarding the Doctor you wish to see.  You can discuss this with the Practice Manager.

What do I do if I have a complaint?

We take complaints very seriously.  In the first instance please contact the Practice Manager on 09 3099577 or email admin@ssmc.co.nz. Once we have received your complaint it is investigated by our complaints officer and a response is normally finalised within 3-5 working days.  If an extension or more information is required the Complaints Officer will contact you directly.

What is the turnaround time for my results?

Most results are available within 3-4 days.  If you haven’t seen these results, contact the medical centre and speak directly to the nurse who will be able to help you. Call extension 213.

Results are also available directly to patients registered with our portal, Health365.
Speak to us if you are not yet registered for Health365 and wish to use this service.

Do I need a chaperone?

Clinical staff can chaperone you during your appointment, if required.  You are also welcome to bring in your own support person for your appointment. 

Do you have interpreting services?

Yes, this is available – but has to be booked in advance. However, we also have the capability to provide interpretation for these languages on site:



Can I arrange an appointment for my out-of-town non-registered relative/friend?

Yes, please book an appointment and advise our receptionist your visitor is out-of-town.
A copy of their appointment notes can later be issued to their GP (if required).

When should I call emergency services?

If you are having difficulty breathing, experiencing chest pains or are injured dial 111 immediately and ask for an ambulance.

Who do I call after hours?

You can call us after hours on 09 309 9577  to speak to our Nurse Triaging Service. 

Alternatively, White Cross Ascot is our closest medical centre and we have an agreement with them to care for our patients if we are not open.
You can call them on 09 520 9555.


How do I access patient resources?

We have a number of pamphlets and other materials available to patients in our reception area.
You can also get useful information from our blog and Facebook page, or sign up to our email communications and alerts.

Can I make an appointment online?

Yes you can do this through Health365 or click here to send an email to reception.  If you are not yet registered with Health365 you will need to visit the centre and bring proof of identity to be set up.

How can I access my medical notes online?

We have to register you through Health365 which is our online portal. Once registered you can access not only your medical notes, but request a repeat prescription and see your results in real time.

Can I get a regular medication without an appointment?

This depends on which medication you are taking.  For some medications you can repeat without an appointment and may be able to see the nurse instead of the doctor. You can request through the Health365 portal in the first instance,

The standard cost for a repeat prescription is $13.

When is it better to see the nurse?

We recommend you see a nurse before you see a doctor for the first time. She can do an initial assessment prior to seeing the doctor. This makes it easier to do a consultation.
There is no additional charge for this.

How much will my appointment cost?

Standard consultations for a registered patient are $35. If you are not registered with us this increases to $65.
Children receive free healthcare up to the age of 13 (provided they are registered).
If you have a community services card, you may also be eligible for a reduced cost for your first consultation.

What if I need to discuss more than one problem?

You will need to book an extended consultation, which will incur an additional charge.
These are always available on booking an appointment,

How long is a standard consultation?

A standard consultation is 15 minutes or an extended consultation is 30 minutes – advise reception which type of appointment you require when booking.

Even if your appointment is short, our Doctors must complete the administrative details of your consultation prior to the next patient.

Unfortunately we cannot attend to more than one issue in a standard consultation.

Am I eligible to enrol at SSMC ?

Any NZ citizen or resident of NZ is eligible to enrol with us, provided that you are not already registered with another practice. Check the criteria with NZ immigration to check your eligibility if you are new to New Zealand.

Alternatively you can still see a Doctor as a one-off visit without being registered.


Our multi-cultural team bring diverse experience from around the world. United by our philophy of care, we understand the challenges that a new beginning can bring - be they settling in a new country, starting a new family or entering a new stage of life. We strive to understand and help you towards better health.


We like to push ourselves beyond what is expected of us, how we deliver the best healthcare and to not simply settle for the status quo. We strive for our beliefs even when this means doing things a bit differently.


We are passionate and motivated to help every person we come into contact with. We strongly believe everyone has the ability to be in the best possible state of health. We are a vibrant, colourful team who love taking care of people.


Trust is at the heart of our practice. It comes from promises upheld, truth sought and walking the extra mile to ensure everyone gets the best possible outcomes every time.

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SSMC philosophy

We’re not your typical Auckland Doctors! We believe there is a better way to better health and we will go the extra mile and do whatever it takes to ensure that you get there.

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