We are currently accepting new patient registrations.  As an enrolled patient, we are able to better monitor your health, and help you to achieve your health goals. We have a thriving community of clients and regularly communicate ways in which they can take the path to better health, through newsletter, clinics and one on one doctor consultations.

Enrolment to a GP Practice is free and voluntary, and is encouraged by the Ministry of Health.

If you are enrolled, you’ll receive the benefits which can include cheaper doctor visits and reduced costs of prescription medicines and free blood tests.

If you were born outside of New Zealand, please provide proof of residency or working visa endorsement. The documents provided will be verified by our staff.

Update to our fees

Symonds Street Medical Centre (SSMC) is now under new management and we are working hard to make the necessary improvements to this wonderful primary service provider.As part of this, we are establishing new systems and technology and hiring additional staff to elevate the patient experience at SSMC. Due to these improvements, we are reviewing our pricing with new fees  for our service coming into effect at as 1 July 2021.

Please note, there will be a $50NZD fee charged for any Immigration Medical appointments cancelled within 24 hours of the appointment time

Standard consultations Enrolled patients Casual patients
Under 14 years Free $59
14 - 17 years $49 ($13 for CS card holders) $59
18+ years $49 ($19 for CS card holder) $59
CSC card holders must check with reception for consultation charges Patients eligible for funded consultation fees include NZ citizens, permanent residents and persons on a valid NZ visa/permit (excludes visitors and student permits) that covers a period of at least 2 years.

For extended consultation fees, please check with reception

**follow up fee applies

Other Fees Prescription Fees Nurse Fees
ACC Consultation $30 Clinic Collection $13 ACC Dressings FREE
Cervical Smears Consult + $15 (*addl charges applies depending on eligibility) Fax/Posted $15 Blood Pressure $15
Liquid Nitrogen Consult + $25 Injection Consult + $15
Ear Syringe Consult + $30 Medical Dressings $30
Referral Letters (outside of consult) $20 Nurse Consult $15
ECG $75
  • Patients eligible for funded consultation fees are NZ Citizens and permanent residents as well as persons on a valid NZ visa/permit(excludes visitors and student permits) that covers a period of at least 2 years.

It is the policy of our practice to have proof of our eligibility for funded services. Please bring your birth certificate or passport along on your first visit.