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Caring for your health requires a partnership approach. Busy people & families need to function through whatever life throws at them! That’s why, at SSMC our Auckland doctors take a proactive approach to healthcare, working to treat you needs holistically and bring an ongoing improvement in health and well-being in a way that suits your needs and budget.


With our integrated team of professionals and on-site services, we work together to treat every aspect of your health. We help new patients to establish a plan for better health, and deliver this through a series of innovative philosophies and technologies that traditional medical centres often ignore, so we can get you well faster and keep you healthier for longer – allowing you to get back to doing what is important to you faster.

Our clinic is made up of a number of caring doctors and nurses from all around the world. We speak 14 different languages between us, but operate very closely with a strong culture of family and community that binds us together.


We welcome new patients to join our community. Come and see what makes our family of doctors better at looking after you and your family.


Simply give us a call or drop us a line via the contact form on this page.

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