Health365 is your online gateway to information and services provided by us through SSMC, allowing you to check details of your consultations, results of diagnostics, and allow you to schedule future visits to the clinic. It was developed by the same team who created our information systems; ensuring services are integrated, up-to-date and secure.

Health365 is powered by Auckland-based MyPractice©, an award-winning provider of patient management systems to New Zealand GPs since 1994. The MyPractice© patient management system (PMS) is fundamental to the operations of our clinic: storing medical records and test results; managing appointments; handling billing and accounts; and facilitating timely work-flow and communication between everybody involved in our care.

In order to access information via Health356, you must first be enrolled with SSMC and to have registered for Health365 use. This ensures we have your authorisation to access your patient information. You will need to sign a form at reception. Please bring with you means of identification. This process can be completed quickly during any visit to the clinic.

Once you have been registered you can access your information 24/7. Health365